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List of institutions and experts
involved in bid-book creation
The teamwork of the Expert Council the WDC Moscow 2024 application book has become an unprecedented public act of unity for the Moscow design community.
The working group included key figures from various areas of design, education, and business, who proposed their solutions for the formation of Moscow’s design system. The open dialogue between the design community and the city has become an invaluable contribution to the development of future design networks.
Project curators
Anastasia Krylova
Historian of art, international design policy maker, coordinator of the Expert Council
Vitaly Stavitsky
President of the Russia Designers Association, member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Vice President of the Global Design Industry Organization (GDIO)
Daria Zhenikhova
General Director of the Consumption Culture company and the Urban Art Nations project for the integration of traditional crafts into the modern design, expert of the Russian Council for the Development of Creative Industries at Roskulttsentr
Industrial & Product Design
Industrial & Product Design
Marina Sidorina
Partner Projects Coordinator at Roca Group
Vasily Arkhipov
Founder at Arkhipov design bureau
Andrey Vostrikov
Industrial designer, CEO at Formlab design bureau
Irina Zhdanova
CEO & Founder at Masshtab industrial design bureau
Mikhail Krapivnoy
Director General at Man & Technologies Lab engineering and design bureau
Maxim Piryazev
Executive Director at Avia-Concept
Alexey Sibelev
Co-founder & Brand Development Director at BELSI
Valentina Bogushevskaya
Development Director at Art Up design studio
Vladimir Pirozhkov
Industrial designer, Director at the Engineering Center for High Complexity Prototyping at the MISiS National University of Science
Elena Panteleeva
Development Director at 2050.LAB National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation
Sergey Smirnov
Industrial designer, Director General at Smirnov Design
Architec­ture & Urban Planning
Architecture & Urban Planning
Sergey Kuznetsov
Chief Architect of Moscow, Vice Chairman of the Architectural and Urban Planning Committee of Moscow, Chairman of the Architectural Council of Moscow
Varvara Melnikova
Architect, CEO of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design
Anastasia Barysheva
Editor at Moskvich Mag city publication
Anastasia Zheleznova
urban development strategist, Founder at Studio.Moscow urban research and branding laboratory
Ayrat Bagautdinov
Director of the Moscow through the Eyes of an Engineer project
Victoria Raubo
Development Director at APEX project office
Valery Lizunov
Founder at ARCHPOINT architecture firm
Yulia Adamyan
Architect, Creative Director & Senior Partner at Yauzaproekt
Ilya Zalivukhin
Architect, Director General at Yauzaproekt architecture firm
Nikita Asadov
Chief Architect at ASADOV architecture firm
Mikhail Beilin
Architect, CEO at citizenstudio.ru design studio
Sergey Glubokin
Deputy Head at the Architectural Council of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning
Land­scape Architec­ture
Landscape Architecture
Margarita Kondratyeva
Head of the Organizing Committee at the Flower Jam open international competition of urban landscape design
Elena Sinodskaya
Chairman of the Board at the Moscow Association of Landscape Architects
Alexey Sayanov
President of the Landscape Engineers Guild
Karine Lazareva
Chairman at the Guild of the Landscape Industry Professionals and Integrated Improvement of the Urban Environment at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Taisiya Volftrub
President of the Russian Association of Landscape Architects (ALAROS)
Lora Rudko
Architect and urban researcher
Fashion & Textile Design
Fashion & Textile Design
Vladimir Bogdanov
Founder of Bask company
Elena Fidelina
PR Director at the National Chamber of Fashion & Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
Ekaterina Gudko
Project Manager at the National Chamber of Fashion
Aleksandra Kaloshina
CEO at Solstudio Textile Design and Radical Chic accessories brand
Anton Alfer
Founder of MODA.RU & FASHION.RU, Chairman at RAEC / Fashion Tech business cluster
Sergey Sysoev
Head of the Department of Fashion Design, Institute of Business and Design, member of the Russian Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear Association, founder of SERGEY SYSOEV brand
Georgy Rostovshchikov
Director General at Fashion Hub Russia, President of the International Buyers Hub Association
Alexey Bazhenov
Founder of the Be in Open forum for professionals in the fashion industry
Jewelry Design
Jewelry Design
Dina Nasyrova
Vice President of J-1 Moscow Jewelry Exhibition & Congress, Director at Ilgiz F brand
Natalia Bryantseva
Jewelry designer, founder of the Avgvst jewelry brand
Communi­cation Design
Communication Design
Yuri Gordon
Founder of Letterhead design-studio, graphic designer, illustrator, typographer, graver
Vladislav Tanvel
Head of Foreign Promotion at Art. Lebedev Studio
Aleksey Baranov
Graphic designer, teacher, and creative director
Public Organi­zations
Public Organizations
Igor Namakonov
Managing Partner at MOST Creative Club
Tatyana Gulyaeva
Deputy Chairman of the Board at the Association of Russian Folk Arts & Crafts
Vera Zhazhina
Director of the Design Industry Professionals Association
Aleksandr Bobykin
President of the International Association of Designers
Andrey Ermakov
International Expert in Industrial Design at WorldSkills Russia
Victoria Evmenova
Head of Project Development and Support at WorldSkills Russia
Olga Minaeva
International Expert in Graphic Design at WorldSkills Russia
Sergey Matveev
President of the Intellectual Property Federation
Universities & Design Schools
Universities & Design Schools
Ilya Lepeshkin
Head of the Center for Design Activities and Associate Professor of the Design Department of the Moscow Polytechnic Museum
Tamara Severova
acting Head of the Department of Design and Media Technologies in Art at the Moscow State Pedagogical University
Tatiana Sokolova
Dean of the Faculty of Design, Head of the Department of Engineering Graphics and Design at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
Ekaterina Tribelskaya
Head of the Department of Architecture at the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute at the Russian Academy of Arts, Founder and Director of the Avantgarde Design Studio School
Vlad Savinkin
Associate Professor at the Department of Design, Institute of Business and Design
Natalia Terekhova
Head of the Department of Industrial Design at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University Bauman
Alexey Vanyaev
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Fundamentals of Architecture at the State University of Education
Anastasiya Uspenskaya
Assistant to the Deputy Rector for Working with Youth at the Moscow Architectural Institute State Academy (MArchI)
Varvara Sokrut
Head of the Make Fabrication Studio of industrial design and the Make School of industrial design for teenagers
Svetlana Zabelina
Deputy Rector for Personnel and Quality of Education at the Moscow Finance Law University, Senior Deputy Rector & Founder at the Moscow University for Information & Technology (MITU-MASI)
Tatiana Rivchun
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communications, Media, and Design, Professor at the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
Tatiana Abankina
Director of the Center for Applied Economic Research and Development at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
Arseny Meshcheryakov
Head of the School of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
Valentina Dianova
Head of the Trade Educational and Scientific Center at the Plekhanov International School of Business and World Economy
Nadezhda Lazareva
President of the International School of Design
Julia Shimf
Press Secretary at Universal University
Nikita Tokarev
Director at the MARCH architecture school
Ekaterina Gurova
Director at the RANEPA design school
Kirill Cheburashkin
Head of the Department of Furniture Design at the Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy
Mariya Kruglova
Head of the Department of Artistic Meta at the Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy, President of the Russian Union of Blacksmiths
Andrey Galkin
Director at the Educational and Practical Laboratory for Product Design Element Prototyping of the Kosygin Russian State University
Kirill Gavrilin
Art critic, Advisor to the Rector on International Affairs and Public Relations at the Stroganov Moscow State Art Academy
Design Critics
Design Critics
Aleksandr Uvarov
Designer, teacher, PhD in Art History
Anna Buali
Art critic, creative producer, Expert at the Culture of Consumption company
Olga Kosyreva
Design critic and founder of Olga Kosyreva's Design Lecture Center
Viktor Dembovsky
Lecturer at the International School of Design, historian of architecture and design
Maria Savostyanova
Art critic and design historian


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