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Moscow is a diverse, busy and at the same time very close-knit city. This genius loci is inevitably reflected in the design. Its Moscowness is manifested in the convergence between cultures and styles, and the loose boundaries between different fields of design
In Moscow, theater artists create graphics and architects develop conceptual and strategic solutions for the city. This interdisciplinary approach creates a comfortable environment for citizens and opens up space for innovation
Sergey Smirnov
Igor Gurovich
Anna Kulachek
Peter Bankov
Vladimir Pirozhkov
Artemy Lebedev
Timur Burbaev
Dima Loginov
Andrey Artemov
Ulyana Sergeenko
Gosha Rubshinskiy
Alexandra Kaloshina
Harry Nuriev
Natasha Belonogova
Sergey Skuratov
Sergei Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov
Yuri Grigoryan
Roman Lyubimov
Anton Nenashev
Alexander Us and Alexey Rozov
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