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World Design Capital (WDC) is an International project by World Design Organization (WDO). Moscow’s participation in the contest was encouraged by the City Government represented by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development and the non-profit Creative Industries Agency.
The application book was prepared with the help of design council formed by the industry’s leading representatives. Public professional associations were engaged with planning a year-long program of events.
WDO was founded in 1957 to advocate design policy strategies and global design network.
Every two years WDO recognizes a city

that displays the key role of design in healthy urban planning, innovation, and business development as the World Design Capital.

How and why did Moscow decide to participate?

Moscow designers themselves proposed the idea to participate in the WDC competition.

For the professional community, this is an opportunity to unite with each other, with Muscovites and the city government.

According to the curators of the program, the entire year of 2024 can be marked by initiatives and innovations in the field of design, which will be followed by the whole world.

A new wave of urbanism has dramatically transformed Moscow in recent years, making the megacity that is the Russian capital a much more human-centered, technologically savvy, and liveable place.
A new wave of urbanism has dramatically transformed Moscow in recent years, making the megacity that is the Russian capital a much more human-centered, technologically savvy, and liveable place.

Here, inspired by the city’s rich history and the legacy of daring experiments, a young generation of creatives joins forces with veteran designers to shape a new cultural landscape. This landscape is defined by collaboration, multitasking, and the cross-pollination of ideas.

Still facing challenges of various kinds, these designers, architects, artists, and creators are forming the decentralized networks that define Moscow’s unique and bold character.

Becoming the World Design Capital in 2024 will make these networks stronger and more resilient, increasing the agency of design to reshape not only Moscow but also Russia and beyond.
What is Moscow try to achieve by submitting an application for the competition?
The world is moving towards sharing economy in which people, cities, and entire countries can exchange knowledge and technology.
Moscow has all the resources to make this step into the future. The Moscow WDC 2024 program will become an international showcase of unique ideas and projects.
All the data collected during the year-long program will be available in open sources so that other megacities can use Moscow’s expertise.

Design Policy

Enhancing the role of design in Russia’s innovation policy at the national, regional, and local levels, promoting Moscow design globally, supporting creative economy.

Innovation environment

Provide new technological solutions for sustainable urban development, creating successful entrepreneurial and cultural infrastructure where design enables people-centered innovation.

Urban Health

Displaying the importance of considering people’s health, well-being, and quality of life in urban planning and creative transformation based on the principles of equity, intersectoral cooperation, community involvement, and sustainability.

Global & local impact

Raising awareness of the international audience about the challenges faced by the Moscow design community and its strengths, promoting democratic values of design and the city’s initiatives to increase demand for contemporary, eco-friendly, and ethical design solutions in everyday life.

Future Design Networks

Creating a platform for global design networks, encouraging local, extra-institutional, transdisciplinary and multicultural exchange to achieve common goals in the hybrid ‘phygital’ world, where physical becomes digital and vice versa.

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